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St. Louis Auto Defect Attorneys Advocates for Injured Motorists

Asserting the right to safe roadways throughout Missouri and Illinois

No product or invention has had a greater impact on American society than the automobile. So, when defective automobiles reach the market, the harm can be widespread, damaging the purchasers and potentially other motorists, passengers and pedestrians. The Law Office of John S. Wallach, P.C. is committed to promoting safety on our highways and neighborhood streets with vigilant advocacy for consumers who are harmed by defective autos or parts. We’ve successfully represented clients in auto defect cases involving:

  • Failed airbags
  • Faulty brake systems
  • Defective tires
  • Stuck accelerator pedals

St. Louis tire defect attorneys challenge manufacturers and dealers

A tire blowout at highway speed is a life-threatening event. When a tire sheds its tread, it makes a vehicle virtually impossible to control. When collisions result from tire malfunctions, the tire manufacturer may be held accountable for any injuries or deaths. Under certain circumstances, the automobile company could also be liable. The Law Office of John S. Wallach, P.C. thoroughly investigates tire mishaps employing technical experts to scientifically reconstruct precisely how the defect caused the malfunction that resulted in the harm.

St. Louis defective brake attorneys win compensation for hazards

Perhaps the most dangerous automobile defect is one that prevents a car from stopping, turning it from a vehicle under control into a missile. Though incidents of brake defects are often misrepresented as driver error, the St. Louis product liability attorneys at the Law Office of John S. Wallach, P.C. have the skill and experience to investigate such mishaps and get directly to the root cause. If a mechanical defect is responsible, we find it and present a compelling case for our client’s recovery.

St. Louis defective airbag attorneys demand proper performance

Airbags were revolutionary advances in driver and passenger safety. But in order to make a difference, airbags must deploy in a proper manner. Airbags that fail to deploy, accelerate with enough force to cause a concussion or inflate to the point of exploding are hazards that exacerbate the danger of an accident. The Law Office of John S. Wallach, P.C. teams with experts in accident reconstruction to gauge the performance of airbags and recover for clients who have been harmed.

Resources to contend with powerful corporations

Automobile manufacture is big business, and recalls of defective products can be extremely costly. In past decades, car companies were notorious for refusing to issue recalls, because the anticipated number of wrongful death lawsuits would actually cost them less. If not for determined plaintiffs’ attorneys, that practice might still be widespread today. As leading St. Louis defective product attorneys, the Law Office of John S. Wallach, P.C. is proud to continue the legal battle that forced manufacturers to innovate safeguards and promptly assent to recalls. But the fight is far from over. Fortunately, our firm has the experience, skill and determination to take on huge corporations with large in-house legal departments. Our reputation — as leading St. Louis product liability attorneys who prevail in tough cases — is a great asset that serves our clients at trial and in negotiations.

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