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What Should You Know about Occupational Diseases and Workers Compensation?

Missouri workers compensation covers occupational diseases, but first your condition must qualify as an occupational disease. The courts recognize some occupational diseases more readily than others, and St. Louis workers compensation attorneys can evaluate your prospects for pursuing a claim.

The Missouri Department of Labor and Industrial Relations defines an occupational disease based on these factors:

  • Occupational exposure in the workplace caused the condition or illness
  • Work was the prevailing factor in causing both the medical condition and resulting disability

Hearing loss resulting from industrial noise, carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repetitive motion (such as typing) and asbestos diseases developed from asbestos exposure are examples of occupational diseases.

Missouri workers comp lawyers can keep you apprised of legal deadlines. For example, after being diagnosed with an occupational disease, you must report it in writing to your employer within 30 days. This is important, because you can lose your right to compensation if you fail to report the condition. Deadlines for filing a workers compensation claim are within two years after the condition becomes reasonably discoverable. Or, if you already received some amount of workers compensation for the condition, then you must file the claim two years from the date you received the payment.

Law Office of John S. Wallach, P.C. has extensive experience with workers compensation cases and can help you with any aspect of your case, including a denied or delayed claim. We offer a free initial consultation to discuss your situation and explain how we can help.

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